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Jazz Piano-Methods and Songbook
for Professional Playing
by Kent Hewitt  (c. 2008) 

Volume 1

Table of Contents

About the Author                                       
Chapter 1—Scales   
Lesson 1—The Chromatic Scale
Examples of Chromatic Scale: The Midnight Sun, Lover, Donna Lee , Early Autumn, Sophisticated Lady
Jazz Greats

Lesson 2—The Major Scale
Horizontal Movement
Notes Above the Octave
Vertical Movement
Melodic Phrases
Great Composers—Irving Berlin
Cycle of Keys---Major and Relative Minor
The Twelve Major Scales And the Twelve Minor Scales
Chapter 2---Intervals
Lesson 1 Major and Perfect Intervals
Lesson 2--Altered Intervals
Lesson 2--Intervals Above the Octave
Lesson 4--Altered Intervals Above the Octave
Lesson 5--Interval Summary
Lesson 6—Intervals—Other Keys
Lesson 7--Intervals in Tunes: Deed I Do, Cheek to Cheek, Exactly Like You, Satin Doll)
Chapter 3---Basic Chords
·        Lesson 1--Triads—3-Note Chords
·        Lesson 2--Other 3-Note Chords
·        Lesson 3—All Triads—Sharp Keys
·        Lesson 4--All Triads—Flat Keys
·        Lesson 5-- Scale Tone Triads
Lesson 6—Tetra Chords
Major Scale
Cycle of 5ths

Chapter 4—Basic Chord Progressions
Lesson 1—Basic Chord Progressions V I
Lesson 2---Dominant/Tonic Relationship
Lesson 3—I IV V I Progression (You Are My Sunshine)
Lesson 4—II V I Progression (I’ve Got You Under My Skin)
Chapter 5—Chord Inversions and Alterations
Lesson 1—Triad Inversions
Lesson 2—Slash Chords
Lesson 3—Triad Inversions-, You Are My Sunshine.
Lesson 4---Triad Alterations
Lesson 5--- Altered Triads In Chord Progressions
I Can’t Believe You’re In Love With Me
Tunes with Triad alterations and Inversions, Love Me Tender, All Of Me
Lesson 6 -Right Hand Chord Inversions (You Are My Sunshine, Morning Has Broken
Chapter 6—The Minor Scales
Lesson 1—The Natural Minor Scale
The Natural Minor Scale
The Melodic Minor Scale
The Harmonic Minor Scale
Green sleeves,
Scale Tone Triads in Minor - Summertime
Summertime in Broken Tenths
The Great Composers—Gershwin
Chapter 7—Jazz Harmony
Lesson 1—Seventh Chords
Lesson 2—Other Four-Note Chords
Lesson 3—How to Practice Seventh Chords
Lesson 4—Chord Symbols
Lesson 5—Scale Tone Seventh Chords
Lesson 6—All Scale Tone Seventh Chords
Flat Keys
Sharp Keys
Chapter 8—Seventh Chord Inversions
Lesson 1---Inversions 7th Chords
Lesson 2--- Tune with Roots and Inversions
Chapter 9—Seventh Chord Progressions
Lesson 1—The II V I Progression and the Cycle of Fifths
The Cycle of 5ths Diagram
Lesson 2—II V I (Don’t Blame Me, Bye Bye Blackbird)
Lesson 3—Cycle of 5ths—All
Chapter 10—Seventh Chord Alterations/Secondary Dominants
Lesson 1---Scale Tone 7th Alterations
 Tune for a New Day
Lesson 2----Secondary Dominants
Lesson 3—Secondary Dominants and Cycle of Fifths
Don’t Blame Me
Lesson 4----Secondary Dominants in Tunes
Just In Time Arrangement
Lesson 5—Jazz Chord Progressions, Primary and Secondary Dominants
Chapter 11—Harmonization for Jazz and Blues
Lesson 1—Scale Tone Sevenths—Harmonization Overview
Lesson 2—Blues Harmonizing in Thirds
Blue Monk
Great Jazz Pianists--Thelonious Monk
Lesson 3---The Blues Progression
Blues Solo
Blues in C
Great Blues Pianists--Pinetop Perkins
Down Home Blues
Lesson 4—Harmonizing in Thirds and Sixths and 3-Note Harmony
Sentimental Journey
Fly Me to the Moon
Lesson  5—Left Hand Voicing, 3-Note Chords
Love Me Tender
I Can’t Believe You’re In Love With Me
Great Composers – Duke Ellington
Satin Doll (version I)
Chapter 12 ---Stride Techniques
Lesson 1—Stride techniques for All of Me
All of Me Examples
All of Me arrangement
Great Jazz Pianists- Fats Waller
Ain’t Misbehavin’ – Stride arrangement
Chapter 13—Spread Voicings, 4-Note Chords
Lesson 1—Spread Voicings, 3 and 4 Note Harmony
Don’t Get Around Much Any More
Lesson 2—Spread Voicing Rules in Detail
Lesson 3—Left Hand Open Fifths
All the Things You Are arrangement
Great Composers, Jerome Kern
Lesson 4—Spread Voicing Arrangements
I Can’t Believe You’re in Love With Me
Bye Bye Blackbird
It’s Only A Paper Moon
Chapter 14—Right Hand Chordal Technique
Lesson 1—Satin Doll (Version 2 and Version 3)
Chapter 15 – Review – Three Techniques for 7th Chords
I Can’t Believe You’re In Love With Me 3 techniques
Satin Doll – 3 techniques combined
Appendix material is available only as a separate order:

Appendix Volume 1
o      Practice Procedure
o      Interval Exercise
o      All Triads Chart
o      Scale Tone Triads Inversion Exercise
o      All 7ths Charts
o      II-V-I Exercises
o      Spread Voicings Exercise

Volume 2

Chapter 16—Left Hand Block Chords
Lesson 1—II V I Root Position
Lesson 2—Don’t Blame Me arrangement
Chapter 17—Upper Structure Chords
Lesson 1—Color Tones and Upper Extensions
Lesson 2—Ninths, Elevenths and Thirteenths
Lesson 3—Upper Extensions in Spread Voicings
Our Love is Here to Stay Arrangement
The Way You Look Tonight Arrangement
Lesson 4—Color Tones in Right Hand Chordal Techniques
A Foggy Day arrangement
Chapter 18—Bass Lines
Lesson 1—Two Beat Bass Lines
Bill Bailey arrangement
Blue Moon arrangement
Lesson 2—Four Beat Bass Lines
Blues Comp Arrangement
Don’t Blame Me Arrangement
Chapter19—Melodic Jazz Phrasing
Lesson 1--Autumn Leaves arrangement
Lesson 2--Blues Elements
Down Home Blues arrangement
Lesson 3-- Blues Style on Standards
Embellishing and Inner Lines
Georgia on My Mind Arrangement
Lesson 4 --Melodic Interpretation and Embellishment
Autumn Leaves arrangement
Chapter 20—Rootless Voicings
Lesson 1—Root Position
Lesson 2—1st Inversion, A Form
Lesson 3—2nd Inversion
Lesson 3—3rd Inversion, B Form
Lesson 4—Rootless Voicings for II V I, A Form and B Form
Moonlight in Vermont arrangement
Our Love is Here to Stay arrangement
Chapter 21—3 Note Voicings with Upper Extensions
Lesson 1—Various 3 note voicings
Blues in G arrangement
Chapter 22—Rhythmic Comping in Left Hand
Lesson 1—Lady Be Good Arrangement
Chapter 23—Basic Jazz Improvisation
Lesson 1—Major Modes
Lesson 2—Application of Major Modes
Lesson 3--Concepts and Exercises in Improvisation
Improvisation on Blues Vamp
Lesson 4—Major Mode Solo
Autumn Leaves arrangement
Chapter 24—Scales for Improvisation
Lesson 1—Major Scales
Lesson 2—Minor Scales
Lesson 3—Dominant Scales
Chapter 25—Reharmonization and Chord Substitution
Lesson 1—Examples in Tunes
Lesson 2—Tritone Substitution
Lesson 3—Cycle of Fifths
Lesson 4—All the Things You Are, Over the Rainbow arrangements
 Chapter 26—Elements of Improvisation, Advanced Concepts
Lesson 1—Approach Tones
Lesson 2—Arrangements for Improvisation With Analysis
Back Home in Indiana arrangement
Donna Lee arrangement
Minor Moods arrangement
 Chapter 27—Combining All Techniques
Lesson 1 Techniques Combined in Tunes
—I Should Care arrangement

Appendix material is available only as a separate order:
Appendix Volume 2
o      II-V-I ‘s All Inversions
o      II-V-I Progression Exercises A Form
o      II-V-I Progression Exercises B Form
o      Left Hand Techniques –Overview
o      Recommended Standards Song List
o      All Time Top Jazz Artists and Recordings List
o      Legendary Jazz Pianists List

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